DI Klaus Kersten, MBA
General Manager IBSA GmbH

Ulrike Dernoscheg
Student affaires

Dr. Peter Härtel
President of IBSS Association

Dr. Karl-Heinz Dernoscheg, MBA
Vice-President of IBSS Association

Dr. Markus Tomaschitz, MBA
Board Member of IBSS Association


Peter Härtel, March 2016

Life is Learning. Experience and excellence of IBSA follow this principle. International expertise and partnerships, a cross-country cooperation with a Californian University of high reputation as well as with local players build a strong background. Hundreds of satisfied and successful alumnis are the living evidence.

We deeply regret that Professor Bernd Schilcher, President of IBSS since its foundation in 2002, is no longer with us: he passed away in May 2015, unexpectedly and too early for us and for all who lived and worked with him.

Our deepest gratitude for his engagement will continue, and in particular Bernd Schilcher was the personal guarantee for a high quality approach in education.

It is an honor for me to follow Bernd Schilcher in the function of the President of IBSS. Together with all colleagues of the board and the cooperation network of IBSA I am dedicated to continue the approach of quality and excellence as a responsibility to all partners, to business and companies, to the society and, above all, to the students.

My personal professional background lies in 40 years of work in the area of education and economics, in a sense of lifelong learning, developing projects and programs for general and vocational education at local and European level. That includes international cooperation and engagements as lecturer and study designer at Universities and Universities of applied sciences as well as in adult education. Additional initiatives and concepts for educational policies and strategies have always been part of my work. I have been involved in the activities of IBSS right from the beginning in 2002 together with Karl-Heinz Dernoscheg and Bernd Schilcher.

Further development of IBSS will be based on this history of effective cooperation, in an holistic educational approach and with a view forward, for new needs and demands and innovative educational study offers for the students of tomorrow!

Peter Härtel